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Pure Bliss Meditation

"As a former bilingual school Psychometrist, I am confident that Janet's sessions would be very beneficial both to teachers and students, especially in calming chidren labelled as hyperactive, learning disabled and/or behavioural students.

Personally, I have greatly benefited from Janet's work.  At first I was somewhat skeptical, but after about 10 minutes of sitting with Janet’s hands on my shoulders, I began to experience the most euphoric bliss that I have ever experienced in my life.

Since then, Janet has been teaching me a new meditation technique that is helping me to feel more relaxed, focused and empowered than ever before.  It’s doing wonders for my personal and professional life.  My health, prosperity, relationships, and career have all improved dramatically since I started working with Janet.  In fact, after five years of almost constant pain in my arms, the carpal tunnel is fast disappearing.  I highly recommend Janet Ferrando." 

Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology),
Founder, OUTstanding Lives.org