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Bio of Janet E Ferrando

Janet E Ferrando is a powerful healer, a gifted meditation coach and an enthusiastic presenter of workshops and seminars, working and living in Toronto.

She graduated with a B.A. Hons in Classical Political Theory and Philosophy from York University in Toronto in 1984.  


For over 25 years, Janet has studied meditation techniques with a number of different teachers including Yogis, Gurus, Monks and Nuns in a wide variety of traditions from all around the world. 

She has studied Ayurvedic medicine, self-healing techniques, nutrition and cooking with Doctors and Gurus from India, the United States and Canada. 

She has been trained in various types of Yoga including Kryia Yoga by Yogis, Gurus and Instructors from India and North America. 

Since 2002, Janet has studied Shamanic Shape-shifting and Journeying techniques with Shamans from the High Andes of Peru, the Rain Forests of Ecuador and Brazil, and from various parts of North America. 

She has studied Tai Chi with masters from China and North America, and Taoist self-healing techniques with a ‘Barefoot Doctor’.   

She has studied quantum physics, self-hypnosis, and is a graduate of the Silva Method.

Since 1992, Janet has conducted educational seminars and inter-active workshops for groups, large and small, in a variety of venues in both the Private and Public sectors. 

Since 2003, she has been sharing her passion and love of meditation and self-healing techniques in a variety of creative, fun and easy ways with individuals, one on one, and in group sessions. 

Janet’s unique healing sessions continue to help individuals both physically and emotionally.

As young as she can remember, Janet has been fascinated by the  Mind-Body Connection, the Body’s ability to Self-Heal,  the Connection between Philosophy and Science, the Great Spiritual Teachings from all Traditions and of course the Power of Meditation.

Janet’s unique gift helps her take seemingly unrelated and very complex ideas and methods and show how they come together in crystal clear simplicity.

To meet Janet and receive a complementary introductory session, contact her at 416.522.2554 or