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"Jan has been teaching me a new meditation technique that is helping me to feel more relaxed, focused and empowered than ever before.  It’s doing wonders for my personal and professional life.  My health, prosperity, relationships, business, and dating life have all improved dramatically since I started working with Jan." 

 Sharon Love, M.Ed., President,
OUTstanding Lives.org
Creator of the 2.2 Million Member Network 



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As you continue to read this information, take a moment to notice your breath.  Is it shallow, jagged, high up in your chest, or is it deep, regular and low in your belly.  If you are like most of us, you answered the former!  Now take a moment to drop your shoulders.  Wow!  You probably had no idea they were so tense.   Come and experience the power of meditation!  Learn to relax at a level you may previously never have imagined possible.  Learn how by doing less you can achieve more… so much more, in fact, that your life becomes completely transformed, into one of perfect health, abundance and blissful joy.

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